/Panthers Reduce Roster to 75

Panthers Reduce Roster to 75

In order to reduce the active roster to 75 players, the Carolina Panthers have made the following roster moves:



Darvin Adams            WR                   Auburn

Roger Allen                 G                       Missouri Western State

Michael Avila             WR                   San Jose State

Brenton Bersin          WR                   Wofford College

Will Blackwell             G                       Louisiana State

Eric Norwood             DE                     South Carolina

Lyndon Rowells        RB                     Humboldt State

Greg Smith                 TE                     Texas

Josh Vaughan            RB                     Richmond

Rico Wallace               WR                   Shenandoah

    (Injury Settlement)


Terminated Vested Veterans

Nick Harris                   P                       California

Olindo Mare               K                       Syracuse


Reserve / PUP

David Gettis               WR                   Baylor


Reserve / Injured

Brandon Hogan         CB                     West Virginia