/Living with so much potential….when will you execute?

Living with so much potential….when will you execute?

How many times have you said, ‘I will get it done today, I will start today’?  How many second chances have you taken for granted?  What will it take to see your potential through?  Are you one who is living with so much potential, yet may never see it through?  When will you execute?

The truth is nobody really knows the potential you have like you know.  Nobody can really understand completely, your deepest desires to achieve like you do.  Nobody knows, like you, your daydreams or your imagination of becoming the greatest and being the best at what you do.  Underneath all of the daily distractions you encounter and behind all of life’s worries, there lie your greatest potentials, the desire and the ability to truly succeed.  What will it take for you to execute?

There are three things that are a must in your climb to executing your greatest potentials; three things you must understand and fully embrace everyday.  These three things are faith in God’s plans for your life, the step-by-step climb, and a tenacious spirit.  Any potential you have to exceed in success with real substance will rely heavily on this kind of foundation.  Whenever you need to remind yourself of the reasons for your existence and you need to encourage yourself to see those reasons through, the combination of these three anchors will keep you on an upward journey.  This foundation will give you the courage you need to execute every potential you dream of living.

Understanding and embracing faith begins with knowing God always has your best interest at heart.  When you know this and believe it, you understand that everything about your life will work together to make room for you to pursue and execute any potential you have.  Strengthening your faith in God’s plans for your life will involve understanding that God is not out to bring you to disaster and it is never His desire to see you fail.  Instead, even with all the mistakes you’ve made, God has a way of bringing it all together, teaching you lessons, making you wiser, and presenting opportunities that will allow you to execute your potential.

The second anchor to help carry your potential through is your ability to have patience with the step-by-step climb you will experience in success.  Believing that every step matters will help you develop the patience needed.  Even when time seems to stand still or when your hard work and dedication goes unnoticed, keep climbing.  One of the most important lessons in life is understanding that you don’t have to have all the answers today.  When executing your potential, do what you can do today.  Take advantage of opportunities set before you today.  There is no way you could ever see right before your eyes, the plans God has for your life or the blessings He has in store.  Proof of your faith, the first anchor, is displayed in the step-by-step climb you continue to take.  When you look back at all the steps you’ve taken thus far, big and small, you will see the staircase God has taken those steps to create.  Keep giving Him something to work with because your staircase is not even close to completion.  Keep climbing.

It takes almost nothing to daydream and very little energy to imagine but these two places, your daydreams and your imagination, often house something very important and powerful in your life; your potential.  You see it, you feel it, you even draw energy from it, but at some point, you must execute.  At some point you must stop daydreaming alone and get to work.  Spending too much time, too many years imagining your life as such will only create a home not only for your potential but for you as well.  Have you been daydreaming so long that you are now living life in your imagination?  It has happened to many.  Make the effort to draw energy from the life you constantly daydream about and begin your step-by-step climb.  Stick with it!  The more you take chances, the more you grow.  Your consistency in trying will help develop your third anchor; a tenacious spirit, which will cause you to want more, to try harder, and to please God with your faith.  Remain persistent knowing that although you can’t see the life your potential can create for you, you know it’s there.  A tenacious spirit will not allow you to do otherwise.

So today, if you can get honest enough with yourself and bold enough to acknowledge the potential that lives within you everyday to be great, I challenge you to do just that.  Step out of the imagination you’ve been living in and begin to execute.  Waiting until everything is set before you is not an option.  Faith is available today.  Take it and begin your step-by-step climb, executing your potential.  You provide the steps and God will take them and form the staircase.  Stick to what you know is inside of you.  Instead of trying to look ahead for all the steps, simply start climbing and keep climbing.  From time to time, you will get a chance to look back at the staircase God has formed with the steps you’ve given him to create it, but only if you begin to execute the potential inside.  I dare you to get started!


Author Tawana R. Powell