/Carolina Panthers Locker Room Talk Oct. 29

Carolina Panthers Locker Room Talk Oct. 29

Immediately as coach Rivera walked into the room full of media, you could see that there was a few places he’d rather be.  Perhaps I wasn’t the only one to notice as the opening question was, “All things considered, pretty good.”  Which I guess is the best response given the situation that he’s in.  Ever since the firing of General Manager Hurney, the flood gates have open on a line of questioning not typically seen around the organization.  Coach Rivera was repeated asked about the psyche of the player and possibility of trading DeAngelo Williams. He was even asked about his job security which he naturally responded that you have to keep coaching and not worry about your job.  I then asked coach Rivera about his message to the team following the loss, he replied “Keep Pounding”.  Coach Rivera went on stating that the team is giving itself an opportunity to win and that it’s bound to happen soon.

I guess we will have to wait and see if this happen with Rivera at the helm as each week, there seems to be mounting evidence that part of the change needing to be made is a new head coach.  The panthers will face Washington Redskins and RG3 and are currently listed as a four point underdog.  With the owner watching on, I think it maybe the last straw if he watches a similar QB and team succeed while he fails.

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