/Carolina Panther Players Favorite Halloween Costumes

Carolina Panther Players Favorite Halloween Costumes

We all have our favorite Halloween costumes, and many of us may have dressed up as our favorite panther this Halloween.  We decided to ask a few players what their favorite costume was.

Jimmy Clausen: Mr. Incredible last year.

Mike Tolbert: Otis from Martin, this year he was Mr. Brown from Tyler Perry.

Josh Norman: The guy from Scream with the mask, he even had a button on the mask to gushed blood.

Captain Munnerlyn: When he was a kid about 5 years old, he was a Red Power Ranger.

Haruki Nakamura: He and his wife dressed up as a male and female Avatar.

Armond Smith: Randy Watson from Coming to America.  Here’s a link to refresh your memory. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ef0JqH67V8

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