Advertise Overview was founded in 2006, however, due to a previous business relationship, the brand has been around since 1996, the longest of any Charlotte social media site. As a result, we have attained unparalleled brand recognition in the Charlotte Metropolitan area covering a wide range of demographics, from young to old, single to married. Our focus is on providing attention to quality events, news and community awareness. This unique combination has allowed us to reach metrics that outpace all other online media in our industry and even exceed all other local radio serving our market except for the #1 rated station.
Quick Facts about (as of 7/1/14)

  • Email database of over 6,300 subscribers, all subscribers are opt‐in.
  • Facebook Fans – 8,637
  • Twitter Followers – 5,316
  • site traffic reaches 12,500 unique users per month
  • Klout score ‐ 64. (The average Klout Score is 40. Users with a score of 63 are in the top 5% of all users. Learn more about the Klout Score here:
  • The only online credentialed news source in Charlotte for the Charlotte Hornets and Carolina Panthers.
  • Sponsor of the City of Charlotte MLK Parade since 2009.

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